Your website talks to way more people than your average salesperson does every day.

$1.4 trillion of all retail sales in 2018 were

Best salesperson is your website

  • Websites attract potential customers.
  • Websites can educate, inform and inspire prospects
  • Website marketing efforts can build visibility, reputation and awareness
  • Websites can drive leads, which is a milestone towards a sale
  • Engagement & sales can be fully automated through a website
  • Prior to contacting a company, customers are well informed

Our web design and development helps improve the conversion rate of your brand by:

Providing Clear Calls- to-Action

Having effective calls-to-action is an essential aspect of any website to inspire users to make decisions. A call-to-action does not apply to ecommerce sites only. Every site should have a clear objective that it wants its users to achieve – whether it is filling a contact form, signing up for a newsletter or volunteering their time.

Provide Relevant and Practical Information

Relevant, useful and original material ensures that your content matches what the reader is looking for after searching for specific keywords. Share useful and engaging content on your website about what your business focuses on. Remember to share content about what makes our product and brand unique.

“F” Pattern-Based Web Design

Eye tracking studies reveal that most people scan a computer screen in an “F” pattern.  In other words, most people focus on what is on the top and left of the screen, ignoring the right side. Rather than trying to force the visual flow of the reader, websites with effective designs will leverage the reader’s natural behavior and display information in order of importance. That is, from left to right and from top to bottom.

Responsive (mobile friendly)

These days, most people access the internet via mobile devices with varying screen sizes. As a result, it is a must for your website to be mobile friendly. If your website does not adapt to mobile devices, you can either rebuild it using a responsive layout that can readjust depending on the device. The other option is to build a dedicated website optimized specifically for mobile visitors.

Load time

Nobody likes a website that seemingly takes forever to load. Some tips that can help your pages load faster include: optimizing image sizes (size and scale), integrating code into a central CSS or JavaScript file (thus reducing HHTP requests) and compressing (minifying) HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.


Excellent web design always puts the needs of the user first. Ask yourself, are your visitors looking for information, entertainment, some type of interaction or do they want to make a transaction? Each page on your website must have a clear purpose. Moreover, every page must fulfill a specific need or needs for users effectively.

How to make your website into a better salesperson?

A website must evolve beyond a virtual billboard. A brand’s website is often the first impression a prospect will have with your company. As we all know, first impressions matter a lot, and a positive impression results in higher customer satisfaction.

Nonetheless, a website does not work great as a tool when used alone. Websites are typically the center of a broad range of marketing activities such as advertizing, social media marketing, search marketing, blogging and other ways of improving brand visibility.