Calling System

“Your Brand is what people say about you when you are not around.”
If your business is not a brand, it becomes a commodity.

How call tracking can help your business

Call tracking makes it possible to assign a different phone number to all your online and offline marketing campaigns. Each of these numbers is then forwarded to the main business number. As a result, whenever a customer calls, multiple representatives can answer simultaneously as if the call were being made directly to the main line.

By leveraging call tracking, you can gain a lot of insight such as:

The phone traffic generated by each line, thus making it possible to determine which of your marketing are most effective and ones that are not bearing expected results. You can also collect invaluable information on how to improve the effectiveness of your marketing techniques via call tracking. Ultimately, this will help you get the highest ROI.

The Top 10 Advantages of Using Call Tracking

You will know your peak hours

Call tracking will help you determine when you receive the most calls and when business is less busy. With such information, you can create a more efficient schedule for your staff.

It optimizes decision-making

Call tracking software give you the ability to generate all kinds of reports with regards to your callers. These include: caller identity, call length, number of calls and many more. Since you can access this information at anytime and anywhere, you will always have the insight to make quick decisions concerning your marketing budget.

It enhances call forwarding

Call tracking makes it possible to direct all calls to the right staff member immediately. You will no longer lose sales due to callers hanging up just because they could not get a hold of the right person quickly enough.

It allows you to compare various advertizing platforms

Using unique numbers that are traceable allows you to make comparisons at a glance between the various channels you may be utilizing to run ads. For instance, you may discover that your newspaper advertizing is generating very few leads. As a result, you can redirect your budget to other channels such as the internet or radio which are more profitable.

Call recordings are a wealth of information

You can record all incoming calls with call tracking. This too can provide a lot of valuable information. You can determine your customers’ preferences as well as the various problems they may be experiencing. This kind of intelligence will improve both the quality and speed of your decision-making processes.

It helps you gauge the success of your various online campaigns

Unique tracking phone numbers can be leveraged to improve your internet marketing strategies. Using these numbers, you can find out which landing pages are driving the most calls. As a result, you can better craft and optimize your online marketing techniques.

It can help you refine SEO

Call tracking can assist with your search engine optimization efforts as well. You can use it to collect your pay per click (PPC) marketing information to see the specific keywords that are generating calls. Therefore, you can refine your SEO and focus keywords by adopting those that are attracting the most customers.

It improves your market targeting

In today’s business, it pays back to know more about your customers, and call tracking can give you an almost perfect picture of your clients. You will know who they are, where they live, their frequently asked questions, their worries and complaints, etc. All this information can be used to improve your business besides allowing you to produce more targeted and relevant advertizing for your customers.

It helps with staff management

Call tracking enables you to manage your call center staff with ease. Since you can track every phone number, you can perform accurate employee evaluations by looking at details such as the quality of assistance to customers and the rate of conversion for every representative.

Benefits and Misconceptions of Call Tracking

1.    It is cheap

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is “how much does it cost?” You will be surprised to find out that we do not charge any fees for call tracking, unlike our competitors. We set up and maintain all numbers free of charge.

If you are wondering “what’s the catch?” Well, you will only incur charges from the traffic running through the numbers. This can either be paid by your business or the customer, depending on the type of number that you choose.

2.    You do not need an equipment

One major benefit is that you do not need to dent your wallet on fancy equipment for call tracking to work. Our call tracking solutions are compatible with all telephone systems. This makes your life easier and keeps the costs low. Furthermore, you will not have to change your current number (s), instead, we will set up additional numbers and reroute them to your existing line.

3.    It is not harmful to SEO

Some business owners fear that multiple numbers may be harmful to SEO and lead to lower rankings on search engines. This would be the result only if the numbers were used incorrectly. Nonetheless, it is best to avoid using a call tracking number on an online directory to prevent confusion when Google crawls and finds inconsistent numbers.

If you wish to use dynamic numbers on your website, you will have to utilize what is known as dynamic number insertion (DNI), which takes some clever JavaScript. By doing so, the numbers will be undetectable to search engines’ crawlers.

4.    Out of Hours Routing

One of the most useful features in our call tracking solution is the ability to reroute calls to the right person when necessary. Consequently, you will never miss an opportunity to generate a lead or make a conversion. It is even possible to use virtual receptionists (auto-attendants) to handle your calls when there is no one to answer.

5.    Online and Offline Marketing

Even though online marketing has become more dominant these days, you should not totally disregard the value and power of offline marketing. Call tracking stands as a bridge between these two marketing channels. Our marketing numbers are able to track and measure all kinds of marketing channels, from online campaigns such as email and PPC to offline ones such as leaflets, billboards and magazines.

All these sources can be assigned their unique number, making it obvious to see the channels that are yielding results and those that do not. Therefore, you can restructure your marketing budget to reflect this insight.

6.    Reporting

Tracking your calls is all good and merry, but reporting is also crucial. All the call data received is useless unless it can be disseminated and acted upon with haste. The great news is that we handle that for you and send comprehensive reports to your email every Monday morning. That’s one less thing for you o stress about.

You will receive call data trends, dial through graphs, geographic information, inbound data, just to mention a few.

Is call tracking right for you?

So, why should you utilize call tracking?

Simple, it is a cost-effective way t monitor all your marketing channels and campaign accurately. It affords you the opportunity to gather the right data that can give you invaluable insight that you may use to improve the weak spots of your marketing campaigns. You will have the right perspective to reallocate your budget and maximize ROI. We encourage you to keep in mind one of the most important marketing tool till today… the telephone!